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Featuring of Your Project
  • The iFundArts administration team spends a big time on browsing projects that have been uploaded. It selects projects for inclusion in the homepage rotation. Because the homepage is the first thing people see when they visit, we aim to have it populated with projects that are excellent examples of what an iFundArts project can be. When something sticks out as particularly exciting, it chooses a single project from that homepage rotation to feature as the Project of the Day/Week/Month. Whereas the homepage projects are on a random rotation, the Project of the Day/Week/Month is usually scheduled about a week or two in advance.

    The best way to get on the radar of the iFundArts team is to keep running an awesome project. The team is always on the lookout, reading about projects through interesting project updates, social media, and articles that pop up. We look forward to reading about yours!