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Fulfilling a Project
  • It is the responsibility of the project creator to fulfil the promises (rewards, repayment, shares) of their project. iFundArts only reviews projects to ensure they do not violate the Basic Rules etc. It does not investigate a project creator's ability to complete the project, neither does it follow up to ensure that the project is completed, rewards are delivered, loans are repaid and equity is provided. It is up to the project creator to make the case for their project and their ability to complete it. Project creators are encouraged to share any information that shows work related to the project or past projects.

  • Once your project is successfully funded, you can create surveys to request any info you need to deliver your promises (rewards, repayments, or shares), such as their mailing address or other details. Responses will be listed next to each supporter’s name and you can download Excel-compatible (CSV) spreadsheets.

  • Setbacks are common to any project, creative ones especially. If you cannot complete the project as indicated, are unable to fulfill the promises made to supporters, or decide to abandon the project for any reason, you are expected to cancel funding. A failure to do so could result in damage to your reputation or even legal action by supporters.

    You can use a mailing option as well.

    Project creators are also expected to post an update explaining the situation. Sharing the story and reasons for delay is part of the project experience. Project creators that are honest and transparent will find supporters to be far more forgiving. Leaving supporters in the dark is the worst. It negatively reflects on the project, is disrespectful to the supporting community but also bad for the image of iFundArts Communication is therefore key and a must.