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Start a Project
  • Go to the “Start a Project” button on the start page. You will be asked to review and confirm the Basic Rules and indicate your age (attach your National Identification Number – NIN), and you will then be directed to the project creation form. This page is not accessible to the public. Only you can consult it when connected to your account.

    Choose your campaign type and begin putting your project together. Start with a description of your project, define the target amount, and set a deadline.

    If you choose to offer rewards, you will need to develop a list of rewards, which is organized into different levels based on the amounts donated.

    You can take as long as you like to write a description of your project, add images or videos, make changes, and organize your rewards. Once you are ready, you submit your project for review. The administration team will not review your project until you click "UPLOAD my project."

  • You first define your status (individual, group or non-profit organisation). Then state the name of your project and the amount you are seeking, specify a time frame for your fundraising campaign (maximum of 120 days), and write a description of the project. This is the bare minimum!

    We recommend you give as much info as possible and that you include multimedia (photos or videos, where possible) and above all, a precise explanation of how you plan to use the funds. If applicable, also be as precise as possible when you describe the rewards offered to your supporters. Once the project has been posted, you will be able to update the project page.

    When visiting your project page, supporters should have a clear sense of what it is you are trying to do, how you will do it, how the funds will be used, your qualifications to complete this project, the identities of the people on your team (if you have one), how far along your project is. The more information you share, the more you will earn your supporters’ trust.

  • No. You do not need to add rewards. However, rewards can inspire people to support your project.

  • The best rewards are typically things produced by the project itself: a copy of a CD, a print from a show, a signed copy of a publication, or creative experiences, a personal phone call, or a meeting with the artist. Anything that brings supporters into the creative process is a great approach.

  • Yes. To ensure that projects are realistic and consistent with their needs, every project has a funding goal (UGX or BIF) and a time limit (from 1 to 120 days) set by the project creator. When the deadline is reached, the project has either met or surpassed its funding goal (project creators will receive their funds) or it has not (all pledges are canceled).

  • Yes. 50,000 UGX / BIF

  • Yes. 120 days.

  • No.

  • Click “Add a photo,” upload it from your drive, and choose the alignment. You can also add a caption.

  • Yes. Although each project is linked to only one account, you can add members of your team to your project, which will show on your project page.

  • Yes. Although each project is linked to only one account, you can add members of your team to your project, which will show on your project page.

  • Yes. You can edit some of the content after launching, but you cannot end the funding goal, the project deadline, and rewards that have already been selected. All other content, such as your profile, project description, rewards (edit or add new ones), images can be edited.

  • No. Every project is preserved as it ended. Creators are encouraged to use project updates to add new information to the project's development.

  • If you feel that your project meets the Basic Rules, you can submit an appeal for reconsideration. You will have 500 characters to let us know why you think your project meets the Basic Rules and should be reconsidered for launch. The iFundArts administration team will review your project again. If your appeal is declined, the process ends there. The project submission in question will be closed, but you can always submit a new and different project.